Some Disassembly Conspired: The Plot Against Public Education

Low teacher pay. A decline in per-student investment.  Teachers leaving the state. But the most troubling thing about public education in North Carolina may be that it’s all going according to plan.

Rodney Ellis, the President of the North Carolina Association of Educators, is at the center of the fight.

“I get the sense sometimes that not enough people are actually tuned into what is happening,” he says, “and nor have they connected the dots to see the bigger picture.”

Photo courtesy NCAE.

How a (Bad) Bill Becomes a Law: Senator Dan Blue & the Democratic Walkout

NC Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue (D-Raleigh) breaks down the fast and flawed process that birthed House Bill 2 a process so bad, he and his colleagues walked out in protest.

“…we could not, in good faith, give legitimacy to a system that followed that process and used that as a way to turn back the hands of time with respect to anti-discrimination efforts in this state."

If #WeAreNotThis, Why’d We Pass HB2?

Hate extremist legislation? Blame gerrymandering. Laws like HB2 come out of a rigged system.

Jane Pinsky, Director of the North Carolina Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform, explains why extremism is linked to election maps and how we could do things differently. Plus, James offers some potentially crazy advice on how you - yes, you! - could help change our system this year.

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Best Of: Josh Stein Dodges A Molotov

Josh Stein, the Minority Whip in the North Carolina Senate, has statewide aspirations in 2016.

We discuss what life is really like in the superminority, his 2014 opponent named "Molotov", and his political future. But first, he breaks down the Republican actions of the recent past.