Driving Off the Rails

Josh Stein, the Minority Whip in the North Carolina Senate, has statewide aspirations in 2016.

We discuss what life is really like in the superminority, his 2014 opponent named "Molotov", and his political future. But first, he breaks down the Republican actions of the recent past.

From Poverty to Politics

Jessica Holmes.png

Jessica Holmes is running for the Wake County Board of Commissioners, which makes education, transportation, and land-use decisions for the county’s nearly 1 million people.

At 29-years-old, Jessica has an inspiring story and she’s knows why she’s running for office. But she’s still learning how. 

If Redistricting Doesn't Change, Nothing Will

Jane Pinsky, the Director of the North Carolina Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform, explains why redistricting controls everything – and which lawmakers oppose her group’s reforms.

Jane also recounts some of the most ethically dubious things she’s seen in state politics.

A Journalist Who's Still Not a Cynic


"I think people go into covering stories assuming that there is something wrong."

Capital Tonight host Tim Boyum sheds light on North Carolina’s shifting political landscape, whether the state’s politicians are in it for the right reasons, and whether he has strong opinions about the policies he covers.